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The ‘MyPillow Guy’ Launched His New ‘Free Speech’ Social Media Site and It’s an Absolute Mess

If there’s anything anyone can say about Mike Lindell, of “My Pillow” fame, it’s that he’s reliably unreliable. After being banned on Twitter (as was his My Pillow account) Lindell announced his intention to launch FrankSpeech, his own social media platform. The site was supposed to launch Thursday at midnight for VIP supporters but so far, there’s been nothing but crickets, Uproxx reports.

“As the hours passed and Thursday turned to Friday morning, some Telegram followers of Lindell’s verified Telegram channel were left puzzled,” Newsweek reports.

“It seems the site did not go live the way it was supposed to,” noted one used. “Not sure what the issue is but it is a huge letdown. That’s for sure. After all the hype.”

Another noted:

“No communication, no text….no one knows what is going on. Doesn’t feel good.”

I’m sure it doesn’t. Whenever I read anything Lindell says it feels like I stepped in something icky and must scrape it off my shoe.

Newsweek noted that hopeful users felt a “sense of deflation.” But really, they should be used to this from Lindell by now. A rabid supporter of former President Donald Trump and My Pillow founder and CEO, he’s a garden variety QAnon conspiracy supporter who has as many crazy ideas as a sunflower has seeds.

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Newsweek’s Jason Murdock did a bit of digging as to what happened but was left with more questions than answers.

“The reason for the apparent delay was not immediately clear … In recent weeks, Lindell had promoted the platform as a free speech hybrid of Twitter and YouTube, claiming that it may eventually boast hundreds of thousands of users. He claimed dedicated servers meant it would be resistant to takedown attempts.”

Now it looks like the launch has been pushed back to Sunday. Should you for some reason feel the need to torment yourself with this platform, keep in mind this is a free speech site except for those who wish to take Gawd’s name in vain or use a few designated salty words.

Uproxx Senior Pop Culture Editor Josh Kurp couldn’t help but note:

“Lindell revealed earlier this week that Frank users can say whatever they want on the platform as long as it’s not ‘the four swear words. The c-word, the n-word, the f-word, or God’s name in vain.’ He’s also ‘not worried about Amazon taking it down.’ Now we know why: there’s nothing to take down if it’s not up.”

Seems like Lindell has always been one fork short of a picnic. He’s been known to rant that the COVID-19 vaccines are the “mark of the beast,” and continually beats the “Trump will be back in office” dead horse.

Lindell is nuttier than a Payday bar, but then so are his followers.

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